On the way to self-fulfillment. Leadership Coaching by Sonja Becker

What comes after success? The meaning of it all.

Behaving well never ends with keeping up your ego and claim to power. It ends with a great gift. Sonja Becker’s leadership coaching leads the way, a way which is only accessible with a deep understanding of yourself.

Absorption in any cause will rid the mind of some of its fears; but only absorption in the loving and knowing of the divine Ground can rid it of all fear.

Aldous Huxley

True leaders are the ones being guided.

In the days of Carl Benz, the Emperor declared that the car was only a passing fad – in contrast to horses. Benz instead kept up his vision and passion, transcended his thinking away from the horse-drawn carriage and, against all odds, invented the first motor car. Without the knowledge of her husband, Berta Benz added the invention of brakes after her daring 100 km drive from Mannheim to Pforzheim.

Ferdinand Porsche, Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner … these and many other pioneers of this caliber are true leaders. It’s not about themselves, and this is exactly the reason that they were more than “successful”.

They found their destiny early in life. Just as a result of passionate curiosity, the door to unexplored worlds and new dimensions opened up for them. Just act like them – and discover your greatest, truest potential along with Sonja Becker – “Radar for Leaders”.

Leadership coaching and why it serves you:

Build your legacy! Your personal, real heritage.

“Nelson Mandela’s spirit is still present allover South Africa.”
– Sonja Becker

With leadership coaching, you will gain your lifetime achievement and, more than that, the art of self-effectiveness. By means of this real form of self-actualization, you will experience your personal legacy, your footprint in history, your personal meaning of life. To leave a mark on this planet which is bigger than money, success and wealth: this is the true legacy.



Empowerment and mentoring with Sonja Becker

Many people will tell you about their “secret of success” – only meaning material success. They are no true leaders. They just travel in their own universe. The more wealth they gain, the faster their ego spiral spins. Leadership coaching by Sonja Becker as a mentor will put you in a new orbit – with real transformation rather than short-lived trends like agility, mindfulness, self-optimization or forest bathing …

Leadership coaching goes beyond career and ego training. It’s about the actualization of a passion. Your passion. True leaders recognize their life mission by transcending themselves through meaningful actions. To achieve this goal, Sonja Becker, with her experience and insight into human nature is the perfect sparring partner – especially for men in leadership who see in her a harmonious counterpart, without any of those typically male patterns revolving around fear and fighting for positioning. True leadership coaching can only liberate you from the outside if you want to break free from your own rat race.



Being good to yourself and doing good for others.

“Until the age of ten, we are all geniuses.”
– Sonja Becker

Only a lucky few will get out of the ego cycle and find their actual destiny without leadership coaching at their side because we see the world we prefer to see and not the world the way it is. Sonja Becker’s profound knowledge about people and her perspective from the outside will destroy any ego-driven narrow-mindedness. She empowers people at the pinnacle of their career to use their core intelligence, beyond thinking in terms of hierarchy and rivalry, for their environment and to transmit their power positively as literal “conductors”.



From ego to Tao, from fear to confidence in world affairs.

“Do you want to improve the world?
I don't think it can be done.
The world is sacred.
It can't be improved.
If you tamper with it, you'll ruin it.
If you treat it like an object, you'll lose it.”

– Tao te Ching ch. 29

Congrats, you did it. But the laurels you rest on will pinch after a while. Let’s face it – you only gave 90 percent so far. And the last ten will be the fierce: Now, it’s all about giving up a lot in order to gain a lot.

Success comes from succeeding. Life is a succession of events. Those who as leaders appear to have achieved everything will sense the next big challenge in life: Giving up oneself and one’s career as the biggest task.

Once you’ve reached the pinnacle, striving for more achievements doesn’t make sense. With leadership coaching, it’s all about shedding one’s skin to get to the next level of true freedom and reality – “Tao” in Buddhism. This is not a struggle for something, including the struggle for acknowledgement, but instead it’s a quest for inner peace and self-virtue. Thousands of leaders around the world, from junior staff to senior executives and from “starchitects” to opera singers, have found their leader in Sonja Becker, who has guided them to their own, actual goals.


Be Buddha! Set new goals just by being in your center.

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm”
– Sonja Becker

Life, human beings and all creation are ingenious. Every single person is brilliant in their own way. We are guided by our genius. We know exactly what we want – until this knowledge is sacrificed for the sake of others’ expectations or security. This will get you to the top, but you will never be happy.

Leaders working with Sonja Becker flourish because they find the way back to their genius, eliminate their ego and establish a connection between their work and their heart. With the rediscovery of the natural gifts in their mind and soul, they generate an energy never known before.

Be guided by your own, original genius.

“You should never allow others to amputate your inner child at play or the sweetness of youth just because you now feel that you need behave ‘like an adult’. That’s bullshit.”
– Udo Lindenberg, popular German singer, at the age of 75, at the peak of his career

Actually, who am I? Where did I come from? Who is the one I used to be? Every individual carries a genius within. It presents with curiosity. But this genius is always being blocked by classic life patterns. Once the Maslowian hierarchy of needs such as security and success are met, you‘ll find your way back to the intrinsic idea of your own true self and true freedom in the leadership coaching process. “Success” does not mean “freedom”, but instead often even dependence – with regard to burdens of all kinds, responsibility, pressure. Real life takes place behind this curtain, with you living your true values and dreams with less force and more energy.

What goals does leadership coaching pursue?

It sounds logical, but it’s not self-explanatory: the common goal is to become a real leader character. Often, the idea of a leader is someone who goes ahead without looking back while others follow. But what is it that qualifies this person? By our definition, leadership is not the tip of a hierarchy, but instead the art of following your own motifs, which correspond to a natural individual brilliance, in harmony with yourself and in keeping with the guidance of the intuitive will (genius). This is a leader everybody will gladly follow.

What’s the unique aspect of your leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching transforms executive leaders into real and happy leaders. In our view, an executive leader leads the wrong way if this person’s goals are career-based goals that only revolve around that person. In contrast to “trainings”, our leadership coaching targets individual persons – and is not bound to career objectives. Instead, it tries to extricate the coachee from the treadmill, and from all the clichés of success and status symbols, and lead this person to their real interests.

What characterizes a leadership coaching process?

Adventure, transformation and self-development – in terms of money as well as the spirit and soul.

“Know thyself!” In a way, the leitmotif of the Oracle of Delphi applies to the transformation process of leadership coaching. In a setting, detached from time constraints and daily burdens, we will not define goals but ask about their substance and what really makes sense. Together, in leadership coaching, we seek the real sense of all deeds and actions, distinguishing them from superficial ego-based values. This way, the personal core intelligence comes to light, often to the astonishment of our guests. You can really then hear the blockades coming down and see pressure being released. By tapping “in-house” resources, fresh energy is set free, which replaces exhausting effort and strain. This process happens in a kind of interview with yourself. There will never be any invasion of privacy in the course of the interview or feedback. Leadership coaching is an equivalent of the Freudian precept of “abstinence” and “evenly suspended attention”.


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