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Sonja Becker – Heroine of her own biography

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We built the plane. With Sonja, the engine was added.“
– Martin Sage

“Radar for Leaders” pursues an approach for fulfilling personal and professional biographies. Sonja Becker’s own career fittingly demonstrates how successful you can be.


Living yourself - why you need Sonja Becker

From ego to global leadership: Sonja Becker

Freedom is not a given fact of human existence, it is a goal."
– Rudolf Steiner

Everyone who meets Sonja Becker instantly feels her tremendous energy simultaneously coupled with serenity. Those who are aware of her workload with weekly and monthly workshops all over the world in addition to literature and individual coaching can only wonder at her inner calm in the eye of the hurricane …


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Out of your comfort zone, off to new shores:
The High-Performance-Leadership-Trainings held between Maui and Cape Town sharpen your focus on your own world, enhancing the global perspective of your activities … active vacations for your spirit – and the rest of your life!



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