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Radar for Leaders

To drive innovation, make clear decisions, recognize your own patterns and find your path to new dimensions, you need clear guideposts and ongoing realignment. You need a radar that continually adjusts the coordinates.

As an international leadership coach, Sonja Becker is a “Radar for Leaders” for entrepreneurs and global players, one of the most acclaimed personalities in the field of active self-actualization and mental growth.

Becker’s sense of presence and knowledge of human nature ensure that nothing gets past her radar. Her coaching is an all-encompassing perception of reality that is both personal and global. Her defined goal is to harmonize these two perspectives: to shape the future with your own free will and identify new goals on the horizon.

“Radar for Leaders” is based on discoveries made by well-known experts on motivation psychology such as Abraham Maslow and Charles Spielberger, as well as Martin Sage’s and Sonja Becker’s learning method for emotional and spiritual growth. When you partner up with Becker, you will experience a genuine transformation that lifts you to a totally new level. You will see perspectives that have never occurred to you before.

True freedom is financial freedom.
Without ego, led by your own ingenuity.

Sonja Becker

About Sonja Becker

Mentor, inventor, innovator and entirely personal coach – Sonja Becker is your personal “Radar for Leaders”. She stands for a real shift to true values and your own legacy.

30 years of successful curiosity

Just for your information: Your transformation.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching by Sonja Becker does not change people, but their environment.

The guideline that actor Jack Nicholson masterfully pursues in Martin Scorsese’s film “Departed” also works (positively) as the life manual for true self-actualization: a person’s exodus from ego.



What comes after success? The meaning of it all.

Behaving well never ends with keeping up your ego and claim to power. It ends with a great gift. Sonja Becker’s leadership coaching leads the way, a way which is only accessible with a deep understanding of yourself.


Human Intelligence

Goodbye empiricism, control and artificial intelligence.

The 21st century is about to bring out the spiritual potential, the genius that every human being has within them: the core intelligence.


“Radar for Leaders” –
Exclusively for executives

Don’t go too far – discover yourself!

Realigning your inner compass under Sonja Becker’s radar: here, executive leaders gain new perspectives about their personal as well as entrepreneurial purposes. The “Discovery Session” is a free offer for a special kind of look-and-feel, with High-Performance-Leadership-Coach Sonja Becker all to yourself!



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