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After success comes leadership

Empowerment instead of loss of energy – “Radar for Leaders” makes the difference, following executives over the course of their transformation to ingenuity, freedom and self-actualization in their own life.

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Leadership will be a German top export in the future.

Martin Sage, mentor and leadership coach, Austin TX

Due to great success: Leadership now!

Are you familiar with this? Success has long been achieved, the goals have been reached, business is proceeding as usual – but you still feel this inner emptiness. You can fulfill all (material) longings, but you still feel drained. Deeper questions arise.

Whom do I still need to prove something to? Why am I doing all this? Where is a real diversion, apart from all this golfing and tennis playing? Why am I successful but not really myself?

A few questions: Are you loved unconditionally, and are you seen for who you really are? Does your environment, your family, accord with your values? How many true friends can you count on? What are you proud of? And what will you be proud of even when there is no more you?

Studies have proven that most executive leaders find it difficult to break out of the success spiral of their daily grind. It’s all they know! Executives move in the paradigms of success. Until they realize that their daily work – and also its compensation with consumption and wealth – has become boring, exhausting and frustrating in the long run. Many just don’t know what else to do. That’s why they just go on and on and on …

In short, you could tell executive leaders: Congrats, you have reached all your goals – and have overshot the target. You may have achieved a lot, but not in terms of your ideals and desires. Money? Prosperity? Career? Those who own a ship may find themselves boarding a spaceship one day. But a career is just a vehicle for satisfaction, and money cannot buy happiness.

Transformation is not a one-time experience.
To keep up with ongoing change,
the challenges have to grow continuously.

Martin Sage


Passion separates the leader from the executive

Those who are guided by their own energies and potentials instead of by externally set targets are certainly closest to their original purpose: this is what makes you a leader. You don’t just follow an agenda but your own curiosity. You live your life less according to social standards and more in harmony with yourself. You are richer because you feel wealthier with your body, soul and intellect.

When you have these “this can’t be everything” moments, you are in reach of what life actually gives to us: our own meaning of life, inseparably inherent to our personality, our individuality, our genius – or what we call “core intelligence” in Radar for Leaders terms. In order to sensitize and close the small gap between doubt and self-realization, we have drafted the offer “Coaching for Executive Leaders – exclusively with Sonja Becker – Radar for men in leadership.”

This reality, at last!
Leadership – The relaxed variation of true success.

In our leadership coaching, “Radar for Leaders” tries to identify what you are really born for. Our belief, based on a Friedrich Schiller quote: “Not even the best can live in peace when they are dominated by their ego.” Instead of career options, we pursue your brilliance. Under the gentle guidance of “Sonja Becker – Radar for Leaders”, our clients get to the bottom of their real, original desires and talents.

Synchronizing these desires with life is the process that determines the famous “rest of your life”. For this, we offer a year of coaching for a regular update of your progress and the next steps.

Look-and-feel coaching, look-over-your-shoulder coaching, long-term coaching – or one after the other?

Depending on your needs, “Radar for Leaders” offers four-year coaching or year-long coaching – and the “Discovery Session” as a nonbinding entry point.

The two-hour “Discovery Session” consists of intensive single coaching with Sonja Becker, and serves as an initial orientation and realignment. After this short expedition into your own scale of longings, we’ll know what we are dealing with and how to deal with it: your coach acts as radar within your personal coordinates, beyond which she can navigate you as a test.

If you want to synchronize your way of living and working with your brilliance, you will experience a new beginning, being actualized and optimized with Sonja Becker once a month in a surprisingly innovative year-long coaching.

For long-term support and coordination, e.g. to reorganize yourself or establish your legacy – there is the option of an extension to four-year coaching with the same monthly intervals – always with Sonja Becker accompanying the transformation in person.

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Who is Sonja Becker?

The genius of Sonja Becker, born in 1964, consists mainly of recognizing other people’s potentials and of triggering them to realize themselves by means of their own curiosity. According to Socrates’ art of a philosophical midwife, she brings out her client’s brilliance, supporting them in reorganizing their life around their core intelligence – with the strong belief that everybody should be guided by their own original genius.

“Even the best cannot live in peace when they are dominated by their ego.”
– based on the quote by Friedrich Schiller – and Sonja Becker goes further:

“The ego must die completely so that there is space for the true self.”

As a “High-Performance-Leadership-Coach”, Sonja Becker – “Radar for Men in Leadership” – is probably one of the most experienced and innovative coaches on the planet. Between Maui and Munich, Sonja Becker has served thousands of entrepreneurs, executives and celebrities as a signpost for their real and effective goals. Her training principle is based on Abraham Maslow’s “humanistic psychology” and his groundwork on “self-actualization”, continued in her collaboration with curiosity researcher Martin Sage; the pioneer of modern coaching perceives Germany as a country with especially high potential because for him business on a basis of self-actualization enjoys a higher status in Europe.

This is the way to Sonja Becker

Some of our clients’ feedback:

  • As a man, I know how men function and can no longer learn much from them. But to learn from women like Sonja, it’s a whole new quality.

  • Sonja has the knack of getting you to release your own pressure, freeing up space for untapped potential.

  • Sonja’s coaching has catapulted me into a new orbit.

Where will the journey go? The “Discovery Session” indicates the direction.

Booking our “Discovery Session” is a nonbinding entry into our coaching program. Here, too, Sonja Becker is available for all your ideas. If you become curious afterwards, we can extend the session to year-long coaching.

Yes, I am interested in the “Discovery Session”. Please create an offer for me with no obligation.

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About Executive Coaching with Sonja Becker

What happens in Executive Coaching?

A coaching day consists of two units that are two hours long, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, set in the pleasant surroundings of the Upper Bavarian lake landscape in a beautiful hotel, with fine dining and the opportunity to go sailing or tee off. The “Discovery Session” offers a two-hour get-acquainted training in a nutshell. Two hours of profound coaching with Sonja Becker, familiarizing yourself with the basics of coaching and your own self as well.

Which topics will be treated in Executive Coaching?

It’s up to you: just like in psychological proceedings, there is the directive never to set a subject nor to nudge the coachee in any way. It’s up to the person being coached to speak about what they want to. Sonja, as a “personified curiosity”, serves as the trigger for your favorite topics. This way, it never comes to any kind of pre-fab analysis, push-pull thinking or coaching clichés. During the “Discovery Session", you will already experience that the subjects addressed works beyond the session.

As a business leader, why do I need Executive Coaching?

For many executives, their system comes to an end with their actions becoming more and more strained – especially in the standard economic order with its mentality of rivalry, hierarchies and the corresponding battles of attrition. In contrast, the new economy is shaped by freedom and “new entrepreneurship”. For this, you don’t necessarily need new forces and resources but new energy. Human energy.

Which advantage does a company have from Executive Coaching?

In our executive coaching, it’s only about yourself – and not about you as a leader, entrepreneur or any other role, but entirely about you, your ambitions and brilliance. Instead of lectures, role-playing or simulations, we construct the accord with your own self. This just-you kind of empowerment replaces feelings of alienation as well as strenuous exertions and exhausting feuds.

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Our range of offerings include:

  • The nonbinding “Discovery Session”, exclusively with Sonja Becker, for half a day in the relaxing surroundings of the Upper Bavaria scenery.
  • Corresponding year-long coaching, one session a month for one year
  • Or the extra mile: Four-year coaching (recommended, e.g. in complex cases of change management, succession, company handover)
  • Weekend and group seminars as well as leadership sessions at the most beautiful locations in Germany and Europe in order to gain new perspectives and visions and set off on your personal path of transformation.

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