From ego to Global Leadership: Sonja Becker

Destination higher self: With genius and a genuine coaching approach, Sonja Becker navigates executives out of their ego and over to alertness and clarity.

Everyone who meets Sonja Becker instantly feels her tremendous energy simultaneously coupled with serenity. Those who are aware of her workload with weekly and monthly workshops all over the world in addition to literature and individual coaching can only wonder at her inner calm in the eye of the hurricane …

You’ll find Sonja Becker where she guides her coachees to, on a level of inspiring freedom and tranquility.


Curiosity, devotion, energy

Sonja Becker seems to do everything blindfolded – and that’s a whole lot. She loves what she does, and the people she works and lives with. Those who consider her life since she first started training as a coach, as a mother of six and granny of ten, can’t be anything but surprised. And surprise is a good thing to place to begin.

This quantum of energy is not a big secret: Sonja Becker lives completely in her element. She is "at ease with herself. She follows her inner compass. She has always been one of Maslow’s “S people” prototypes, self-actualized and naturally curious, as attested by her mentor Martin Sage. This means: without any kind of mundane, ego-driven needs, her life gives her the opportunity to live her freedom, to give and help others to realize their goals. As a Leadership Coach, she displays her special intuition in discovering people’s hidden potential and bringing it to life. Curiosity and devotion: that’s the “secret to her success” like they used to say …

Sonja has always been one of the “S people” Maslow had in mind:
always positive, open, growth-oriented, curious.

Martin Sage

Flight to happiness

Sonja Becker triggers executives to go beyond their limits. Her a priori stance, coaching without any judgement or preconditions, allows her to see perspectives and potentials. Where stencil-like clichés and general sayings set limits, Becker is “dominated” by sheer curiosity. By strategically not knowing (Socrates), she produces new strategies and triggers real change by breaking down old behavioral patterns (transformation). With her own curiosity as your guide, you feel like the individual you are and, with this kind of confidence, people feel free to be open to themselves without any fear. Sonja Becker has the gift of seeing people holistically – as the individuals they are and want to be. She is the navigator with a clear overarching concept: “The ego must die.”

Acting as a radar system, with alertness and feminine empathy, Sonja Becker leads her clients out of their “ego prison” and lovingly combines knowledge and wisdom into an inner constant of experience.

The “Sage Learning Method” is based on the intuitive and creative learning experience: curiosity. This is the point of departure for Becker’s approach – and it goes a step further: out of the ego zone, into a life where you can feel your authentic or even entrepreneurial freedom.

Sonja’s clients are people who want to become free and awake. Her special gift is to be a “Radar for Leaders” who have reached the status quo of their success, and to reveal and develop their geniality. Once you reach the top, only one question remains: What’s the meaning of my life – why am I here? People who want to become satisfied, who want live freedom and serve the world without ego, must be connected to their genius. Because truth and intelligent innovation for society will only arise from inner harmony. Competitive and destructive paradigms come from selfishness, megalomania and dullness – and this in the 21st century. Once again, this paradigm shift can best be seen in the younger generations, who vehemently demand that the ego that threatens our world be destroyed.

In an ego-driven culture, too much gets taken for granted.
Too little is appreciated until itʼs sorely missed.“

Keith Jarrett, Pianist

From Homo sapiens to “Homo oriens”

In business as in family life, people tend to look more and more for meaning and fulfillment, for a creative way to design their potentials, seeking truth instead of role-playing. More people refrain from money in favor of peace and fulfillment. More and more executives want to replace the paradigms of success with something meaningful. To find the necessary balance is a refined art that calls for professional navigation. Sonja Becker “empowers” such people to perceive their reality in its full breadth in order to be able to act creatively, free of fear. She supports people’s original intelligence, in contrast to small-scale strategic thinking, leading you to inner calm coupled with increasing energy. This is the way from Homo sapiens to “Homo oriens”.

Especially for male executives, the feminine perspective reflects a completely different view, perhaps even the future view: cyclical instead of linear, networked instead of hierarchical thinking, perceiving the environment as a radar instead of aiming at objects. Qualities that seem to apply better in the face of globalization and digitalization, in a world that is to be designed together without wars. They challenge every company and every person in charge to reorient themselves. And ultimately lead to an existence that promises a whole new, selfless and self-fulfilling freedom. She navigates people to where she is herself: destination happiness.


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