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“Radar for Leaders” pursues an approach for fulfilling personal and professional biographies. Sonja Becker’s own career fittingly demonstrates how successful you can be.

Sonja Becker is a “High Performance Leadership Coach” and a personified “Radar for Leaders”. All over the world, she trains people in achieving future autonomy and leaders in achieving self-actualization and freedom. She has made more than 2,500 women and men certified coaches. Her clientele includes well-known international founders and entrepreneurs.

A life straight from the leader manual

Sonja Becker’s motivation has always been to promote people and determine the didactic tools for this. With the inner yearning for freedom and self-determination, she left a secure home and a good relationship behind her at the age of 22. Simultaneously, as a health educator, she recognized her passion for working in the field of adult education. From the 90s – a period in which “coaches” were known from the sidelines of ball games, if at all – she became acquainted with the training method of the pioneers of coaching: Martin Sage and his wife Gigi combined the principles of sports with so-called “humanistic psychology” to form a model of success. And it is a feather in Sonja Becker’s cap that Sage’s coaching with its Performance Scales went on to become established in Europe and the US.

It was in Austin, TX, where Becker started training as a coach and soon after was leading seminars on her own in Austin as well as in Hawaii. From 1994 on, she imported these training seminars to Europe – namely to Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest and Munich. Her mentors realized her huge talent and made her their business partner. “In passing”, she organized the European “Learning Conferences” from 1998 until 2002. Among others, Nobel Prizewinner Fritjof Capra and Ilya Prigogine or Prof. Charles Spielberger, former President of the American Psychological Association (APA), were invited to give lectures in Berlin (Esplanade Residenz) and at the Bavarian Seeon Abbey, where they had the opportunity to explain their contribution to the Sage method themselves.

Sonja Becker is the high-energy incorporation of a new freedom and “new entrepreneurship” from a female, future-oriented perspective.

Under Becker’s organization, the entrepreneurial activities of Sage Innovations USA spread all over Europe. After thousands of single interviews and numerous seminars, Sonja Becker GmbH was founded in 2000, and fused into Sage Innovations GmbH in 2001, coinciding with the founding of Germany’s first “entrepreneur school, with an operating radius which was soon to include eleven European cities and Manhattan. In 1996, her life partner Volker Wendel joined, and proceeded to reorganize all the business units, making them independent. As an almost perfect yin-yang pair – setting an example for their clients – the power couple unites their facets in a manner which is specifically targeted in order to combine their personal and business goals.

High Performance Leadership Training

From 2002 to 2004, Sonja Becker took over Martin Sage’s role as managing director of Sage Innovations USA, including an off-Broadway theater at Times Square, and led seminars in Europe and on the American continent as well as in Hawaii and in the Caribbean. Further offices followed in the Berlin Sony Center, in Cologne and in Munich. Becker’s theoretical method along with her hands-on personality was literally a school in itself. The “Sage Learning Method” set a new standard in coaching.

Munich’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) honored the approach of her “entrepreneur school” as a highly productive economy factor. She appeared in several TV shows with the subjects of coaching and self-actualization. At the beginning of 2005, Sage and Becker separated because of illness; as a result, Becker founded Wailea GmbH in 2006 with a training center in Munich-Giesing and a business management hub in Munich’s Maximilianstrasse. She has continued with her success story since 2006, conducting “High Performance Leadership Trainings” in the US and Europe, in addition to Bali, Maui, Hawaii, Sydney and Cape Town. In other words, Sonja Becker has been active all over the world for almost 30 years. With her partner Volker Wendel, Becker lives in the countryside outside Munich in Upper Bavaria. The six-time mother and grandmother pursues the genuine approach of finding one’s original genius, just like children do, in her private life as well.

Sonja has connected curiosity with business and
has thus made our “Sage Learning Method” real.

Martin Sage


1999 was the year that Sonja Becker’s first book, entitled Time & Money, co-authored by Martin Sage, was published in the US; the German edition followed in 2004. After Sage’s autobiographical book Live Your Dream (Droemer Knaur, 2001), the Becker/Sage coproduction Coaching – Erfolg im 21. Jahrhundert (Success in the 21st Century) was published as a philosophical and theoretical basis of coaching with 100 applicable tools – today a standard basic work. In 2005, Becker’s “novel of self-development” Die Chefin appeared as a manual to one’s own (female) business autonomy. Followed by Becker’s extensive and groundbreaking comment about education systems, entitled “Learning – Die Bildung zur Neugier” (Learning – Education in Curiosity), like all her books at Sokrates Publishing, Munich.




Maiden voyage: Maui, Hawaii

  • First participation in Martin and Gigi Sage’s training “Strategic Intervention” in Maui, Hawaii.
  • Then annual leadership training sessions in Maui.
  • Beginning of coaching training in the US.


Landing completed: Austin, TX

  • Sonja Becker becomes cooperation partner of Martin and Gigi Sage (Sage Productions/Austin, TX) and organizes her first “High Performance Leadership Training” in Europe (Munich and Budapest).
  • As a sole proprietor, she independently establishes herself in the field of business coaching.
  • Together with Martin and Gigi Sage, Sonja Becker develops a new approach to coaching: the “Sage Learning Method” is based on humanistic psychology and curiosity research. It becomes a fundamental principle for many coaches in the world.


The Sage Learning Conferences: Austin, TX

Sonja Becker organizes the first Learning Conference on the “Sage Learning Method” in Austin, TX. Lecturers are Nobel Prizewinner Dr. Ilya Prigogine, Dr. Fritjof Capra and Prof. Charles Spielberger, among others.



Time is money – isn’t it?: New York

Sonja Becker’s first book, Time & Money, information for the self-employed, appears (co-authored by Martin Sage).



Back(up) in Bavaria

Foundation of her own company, Sonja Becker GmbH in Munich.



Munich, New York: Founder’s era!

  • Establishment and development of a seminar and training center in Munich-Giesing on 300 sqm.
  • Establishment of the first entrepreneur school in Germany, followed by 11 further schools in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the US. The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry honors the entrepreneur school’s approach as a “highly productive economy factor”.
  • US headquarters moves from Austin, TX, to Manhattan’s Times Square, including an off-Broadway theater.
  • Companies in the US and Germany are merged to form Sage Innovations Inc., New York City and Sage Innovations GmbH, Munich.


Expanding in all directions

  • Sonja Becker’s team operating with 30 employees simultaneously in Austin, Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, Cologne and Munich.
  • Live Your Dream is published first in Germany with Droemer Knaur (later with Sokrates Verlag).
  • Time & Money is translated into German and published.
  • The second Learning Conference takes place at Esplanade Residenz, Berlin, with lecturers including Prof. Charles Spielberger, Martin Sage, Prof. Eckhard Klett.


Coaching becomes central: Munich, Cologne

  • Wailea GmbH is established, with locations in Munich-Giesing and Maximilianstrasse.
  • The book Coaching is published by Sokrates.
  • From the many different experiences in the coaching enterprises, the companies “Sokrates Verlag München GmbH” and “Wailea Music Academy” in Cologne emerge.


The Year of the Woman

Sonja Becker’s way to becoming an autonomous woman manifests itself in her book: Die Chefin (Sokrates Verlag).



Coaching goes countryside: Iffeldorf

Power lies in tranquility: all offices move to the new company site in Iffeldorf, Upper Bavaria, with offices and a training center with a total of 500 sqm.



Coaching is the true education

Sonja Becker’s book Learning – Die Bildung zur Neugier (“Learning – Education in Curiosity”), published by Sokrates, constitutes the essence derived from numerious learning experiences made by the multiple mother, and shows the path to education of the future.



High Performance Leadership

Expansion of the coaching zone – especially for top leaders in terms of self-actualization, leadership, freedom and “building your legacy!”: Radar for Leaders kicks off.



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